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In 1939, legendary golf club architect Bob Grimsdell was commissioned to build a nine hole golf course on the banks of the VaalRiver in the town of Orkney. His fee was one hundred pounds. The wooden log cabin style clubhouse was built form Oregon pine crates which winding hoist parts had been shipped in from overseas for the Western Reefs mine in Orkney. There was no liquor license available then but the locker system served the thirsty members. The course was officially opened in 1939 by Ernest Oppenheimer, the Chairman of the Anglo American Corporation.

The second nine holes were added in the mid forties and the brick clubhouse was built in 1953. The old wooden building was converted into a tool shed and is currently the caddy-shack. It is earmarked to become a clubhouse again this time just for the club’s junior members when the new caddy-shack is built.

Orkney has produced many stars throughout the years. These include Simon Hobday, Jannie Le Grange, Peter Charles “Whitey” White, recently deceased veteran black professional John Mabe and recently turned professional, Jeff Inglis and JG Claassen. Whitey White played off a plus seven handicap before he moved to Kimberly in 2000. He won the world Police championships twice and was runner-up on two occasions.

There have been many long standing trophies at Orkney. In 1940, the first Pollak Cup was played for by two teams form Western Reefs gold mine. It was actually first played for at PollakPark before it was moved to Orkney. The trophy is still played for every year, as are the Directors and Haggard cups, which also date from the early 40’s.   The club has strong men and ladies league sides which represent us well in the North West leagues. In the nineties, Gary Player played with the members in several sponsored days.





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